Letters and Forms

Notice of Change of Address


As of Monday, May 4, 2021, SmartBint Sales Corporation of
America’s Eastern Regional Office will be located in our
new offices and warehouse building at 4 E Bronx
Fordham, Tampa, New York, 1043. The telephone number
for this new location is (800) 000-0000.

Our Manufacturing Division will remain at 2550 Brooklyn
Avenue, in St. Petersburg.

I have enclosed our most recent brochure on robotic
equipment for your review. I hope you find it interesting.

Letters and Forms

Notice of Cancellation of Contract


Notice is hereby given that we cancel our contract dated for the sale of (description of goods) to (name of firm) , for the following reason.

That on (date) , you breached said contract in the following respect: .

Cancellation of said contract is effected in respect to that certain installment delivered on (date) , and for any subsequent delivery of goods, contracted for in said contract, inasmuch as your breach impairs the
contract as a whole.

(We claim damages from you in the amount of $ )

Dated:_____________ __________________

Letters and Forms

Notice of C.O.D. Terms

Date: _

To: _ (Customer)

We are in receipt of your purchase order as attached.
We shall be pleased to accept your order, however, we
cannot accept the order on credit terms.
Accordingly, we shall ship the goods on C.O.D. terms
unless you notify us of cancellation of the order within ten
days of receipt of this notice.
We appreciate your patronage.

Very truly,


Letters and Forms

Notice of Bulk Transfer

To Creditors of , Transferor:

You are hereby notified that the Transferor, (name of transferor) is about to make a bulk transfer of (property or property and security) to the undersigned Transferee.

That the business address of the transferor is (address) , City of , County, State of , and the business address of transferee is (address) , City of , County, State of .

That the location of the property to be transferred is (address) , City of , County, State of . Property to be transferred is (description)

To the best knowledge of the transferee, transferor has not used a business name or address other than that which is stated above during the last three years.

The bulk transfer is to be made on or after (date), at (address) , in (city) , (county) , (state) , in the office of (identify).


Letters and Forms

Notice of Back-Ordered Item


We received your order for (item and number) and wish to
thank you.

This item is presently back-ordered and we are unable to
send it to you immediately. If, due to this unfortunate
delay, you would like to cancel your order, please send us
a note to that effect. Otherwise, you can expect delivery
in approximately (time).

Please accept our apology for this delay.

Letters and Forms

Notice of Approval of New Credit Account


Your account with (name of firm) has been approved for credit. We would like to inform you that your account number is Please inform your
personnel to be sure to include this account number on any documents and correspondence directed to (name of firm)

We welcome you to our family of customers and hope that
our new relationship will be mutually beneficial and profitable.

As our way of saying thank you for opening your new account with us, we are offering you a (specify) discount on all merchandise ordered in the month of (month)

If you have any questions regarding our credit policy, please call (name) , our Credit Manager, who will be more than happy to discuss your account with you.

We will be looking forward to your orders and to the opportunity of serving you.

Letters and Forms

Notice of Application for Zoning Variance, Exception, or Permit


You are hereby notified that an application has been made by (name of applicant) , in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, for a (variance, exception, special use permit). for the property situated at (address) That the purpose of this application is to (describe new use), and this matter will be heard by the (name of commission) on (date) , at (time) , in room , at (name of building) , at which time you may appear in person, or by agent or by your attorney.

This notice is being sent to you because as a property owner in the immediate vicinity, you may be affected by the determination made at the herein mentioned hearing.

Letters and Forms

Notice of Application as Sole Trader


Pursuant to (state section and code), notice is hereby given of the intention of (individual) , a resident of County, State of , who is the wife of (name of husband), to apply to the (court) of the County of for a judgment declaring her a sole trader and enabling her to carry on the business of (nature of business), in her own name and on her own account. Said business to be conducted at (address) , City of, County of , State of .
Said application will be made on (date).

Dated: __________________


Letters and Forms

Notice of Appeal

In the matter of
(name of appellant)

(number) (date)

Notice is hereby given that a decision was reached in the above referenced matter on the above date in the City of, State of , a copy of which is attached hereto and sets forth the particulars in this matter.

That appellant alleges that an error in decision has been
made on the part of the referee and is appealing said
decision on the following grounds: (grounds for appeal)

Date: ____________________

Letters and Forms

Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
(name of corporation)

Dear Shareholder:

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the
shareholders of (name of corporation), a (state)
corporation, will be held at (address) , (city) ,
(state) , on (date) , at (time)

The following business will be transacted at the meeting:




In the event that you will be unable to attend this annual
meeting, we are requesting that you execute and mail the
enclosed form of proxy to the secretary of our company so
that your shares may be regularly voted at the meeting.


Letters and Forms

Notice and Tender by Debtor


You are hereby notified that the undersigned elects to
redeem the (collateral) that is currently in your
possession pursuant to that certain security agreement,
the date of which is , for which said
collateral was pledged to secure performance. Election
is hereby made in accordance with the rights afforded
under the Uniform Commercial Code Section 9506.

Therefore, the undersigned hereby tenders fulfillment of
all obligations pursuant to said security agreement and
secured by said collateral, in addition to the amount of
$ for your expenses in repossessing, holding,
preparing the collateral for disposition through sale,
arranging for sale, attorney’s fees and legal expenses.

Demand is hereby made that you make the said collateral
available for retaking by the undersigned.


Letters and Forms

Notice and Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase


This letter will confirm (individual’s) telephone
conversation with you today concerning an increase in our
billing rate to (amount) per hour, effective (date)
It is necessary that we request this increase due to a rise
in the cost of conducting our business. We are faced with
an increase in payroll taxes and insurance, along with an
increase in our overhead costs. In addition to the above,
we also seek a modest profit.

Attached are copies of our service agreement and we request
that you sign one copy and return it to us indicating your
approval of this new rate.

Letters and Forms

Note Secured by Deed of Trust (Straight Note)


$_____________ ________(city and state)______ __(date)___

_________________________________________________after date
for value received I promise to pay to ____________
_____________________or order,
at _______________________________________________
payable___________________ or sooner, secured by Assignment
of Deed of Trust on the following described land:

(Legal Description)

Should default be made in payment of principal or interest,
the whole sum of principal and interest shall, at the option
of the holder of this note, become immediately due.
Principal and interest payable in lawful money of the United
States. If action is instituted on this note, the
undersigned promises to pay such sum as the Court may adjudge
as attorney’s fees. This note is secured by a Deed of Trust
to ______________________.

_____________________ __________________________
_____________________ __________________________

Letters and Forms

New Salesman Follow-Up Letter After First Meeting


Thank you for affording me the opportunity to meet with
you and members of your staff.

I know that (ex-salesman) serviced your account
for many years and made many friends at your firm. While
his presence will be missed, I can promise that you will
continue to receive the fine service that has always been
afforded by (firm)

The hospitality you showed me yesterday explains why
(ex-salesman) held your organization is such high regard.

Letters and Forms

New Open Account Welcome & Terms Letter


Thank you for opening an account with our company. As
one of the leaders in this industry, we can assure you
that our products and our services will not disappoint

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly set
forth our terms and conditions for maintaining an open
account with our firm. Invoices are payable within 30
days of receipt, with a 2% discount available if your
payment is remitted within ten (10) days of receipt.
We consider this incentive an excellent opportunity
for our customers to increase their profit margin, and
therefore encourage the use of this discount privilege
whenever possible. We do, however, require that our
invoices be paid within the specified time, for our
customers to take advantage of this 2% discount.

At various times throughout the year we may offer our
customers additional discounts on our products. In
determining your cost in this case, you must apply
your special discount first, and then calculate your
2% discount for early payment.

As the credit manager, I will be happy to answer any
questions you may have regarding your new account.
I can be reached at the above number. Welcome to our
family of customers.

Letters and Forms

New Fictitious Name Certificate Due to Change – Partnership

New Certificate of Transaction of Business Under
Fictitious Name (Due to Change)



That the undersigned do hereby certify the following:

1. The undersigned are the partners of a ___________
(general or limited) partnership that is transacting
business in the State of _________________ under the
fictitious name of_____________________________________.

2. The principal place of said business is located
at _______________________________________.

3. The full names and places of residence of the
undersigned are:
________________________, whose place of residence
is ___________________________________________.
________________________, whose place of residence
is ___________________________________________.

This certificate is executed to reflect a change of
(membership or fictitious name).

Dated: _______________ /S/________________________

Letters and Forms

New Employee Welcome


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a new
employee to (name of firm) I am very pleased
that you have chosen to accept our offer of employment
and know that this is the beginning of a mutually
beneficial association.

We encourage our personnel to take advantage of selected
courses that are available in this vicinity, in order to
improve their skills and learn new skills in related
areas. The courses and their corresponding registration
dates are listed on the employee bulletin board for your
review. If you decide to attend one of these courses,
please advise your office manager and he will make the
necessary arrangements.

Once again, welcome to (name of firm)

Letters and Forms

New Customer Welcome


The (name of firm) would like to welcome you as a
new customer to our firm. We know that you will be
extremely satisfied with our line of products and the
service we provide to our customers.

You are invited to purchase our merchandise on our regular
open account terms, (set forth terms) Our
credit manager, (name) , will be happy to
discuss any aspect of our credit policy with you at your

I am enclosing our catalog and price list for your review.
I believe that you will find our prices competitive and
in keeping with industry trends. Throughout the year we
offer our valued customers frequent discounts as an
incentive and as a showing of our appreciation.

I do hope you will afford us the opportunity to serve you in
the near future.

Letters and Forms

New Business Announcement for Use with Credit Application

Dear Sir:

It is our pleasure to inform you that the (name of new
business) is now open for business.

Our firm is located at (location) and we specialize in

We have enclosed a credit application in your name should
you be interested in opening an account with us. We will
look forward to your coming in for a visit or calling us
if you would like to have one of our representatives come
to your office.

Letters and Forms

Negative Response to Job Candidate Interview


It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday and having
the opportunity to discuss your education and your career

I appreciate your candidness and feel that since your
objectives are to work in the field of (specify area)
you should attempt to obtain a position with a firm that
would enable you to gain experience in your preferred area.
Unfortunately, our business does not afford you this

I am certain that you will find a position which suits you
soon and I believe that you have a great deal to contribute.

Please accept my best wishes for your future.