Letters and Forms

Memorandum on Sales Seminar

TO: Bill Meredith
FROM: Mr. Chambers
SUBJECT: Seminar

Dear Bill:

A seminar is being held at the Bolten Hotel on June 15, 2020 at 1:00 P.M. on Selling Computerized High Technology. It is being conducted by ABC Corporation and should be extremely informative.

We are strongly recommending that every member of the sales force attend this seminar and we will, of course, pay the entrance fees for all those attending.

I would appreciate it if you would encourage everyone to go, and provide me with the names of those who will be attending no later than June 1st.

Letters and Forms

Media Survey Form


How did you learn of our product?
A. Television Commercial? Yes_______ No________
If “Yes”, which channel?______________________
When? Morning________ Afternoon______
Evening_______ Late Night______
B. Radio Spot? Yes________ No________
If “Yes”, which station?_______________________
When? Morning__________ Afternoon________
Evening________C. Newspaper? Yes_________ No_______ If “Yes”, which one?____________________________
D. Store Display? Yes_____ No_______
If “Yes”, which store?__________________________
E. Other____________________________________________

Letters and Forms

Long Reply to Inquiry About Discontinued Model


Having received your letter regarding your Chambers Mixmaster, I would like to thank you for your kind words about our products. It is heartwarming to know that this appliance remained with your family for nearly thirty years and never “let you down.”

We only updated our Chambers Mixmaster once, and that occurred in the new 1976 models. Therefore, the model you are referring to would have to be our original style, model # 3309. I regret to say that we do not have any of the discontinued models for I can understand why it held sentimental value for you. I can, however, assure you that our current model which is available in finer department stores and appliance centers has been made with the same fine quality to which you have grown accustomed. You may
be surprised to know that it comes with the same guarantee of workmanship and high quality that we have been providing
since 1946, the year when Chambers Appliances started in

I wish I could be of more help to you. Thank you again for the lovely letter you have written to us.

Letters and Forms

Letter to Small Businessman in Advance of Collections


As a good businessman, you are aware of the manner in which accounts that have become seriously past due must be handled.
I am not going to attempt to think of some clever phrase or witty jingle to get your attention. Neither do I wish to embarrass, intimidate or do any of the nasty things that are often done to encourage payment.

I am merely informing you that the account has reached a point where we must decide within a few days whether to turn it over for collection or just hand it to our attorneys,
neither of which is our preference.

We know that you understand our predicament and are probably
experiencing a similar situation with some of your aging accounts.

We would like to hear from you and learn what your intentions
are in regard to this account.

Letters and Forms

Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment


On (date) our serviceman came to your home to install your new (product) and found that there was no one there. This was the date that we had arranged for installation, but I know that things like this can happen.

I would appreciate it if you will call me at (telephone), so that we can arrange a convenient time to have this work
done for you.

Letters and Forms

Letter Order of Merchandise


Please send me the following items from your Springtime

1 Freedom 5″ Color TV #ACI645 $299 (7.50) $306.50

1 Cat Race Analyzer #WNW209 $ 50 (3.50) 53.50
Total $360.00

I am enclosing my check made payable to you in the amount of $372.25, which includes the cost of handling and shipping. Thank you.

Letters and Forms

Letter of Understanding Regarding Terms of Proposed Contract


This will confirm that which we discussed during our telephone conversation earlier today.

It is agreed that your firm, (name of firm) , will provide the technical support for the (name of project) while we will provide the technical equipment, to your specifications, and all funds necessary, up to (ceiling
amount) to complete the (intent)

If this meets with your understanding of our conversation, please sign a copy of this letter and return it to my office. Upon our receipt of this verified letter, we will forward same to our attorneys for final contract drafting and revisions.

It was a pleasure speaking with you, and I hope to join you soon for a toast to our mutual success in the (project)

Letters and Forms

Letter of Resignation


This is to inform you that an opportunity has presented
itself that will enable me to work in the area of my
stated preference, which is (designate)

I am therefore tendering my resignation from your company
and wish to advise you that (date) will be my last day
of employment.

I would like to thank you for the experience of having worked for (name of firm) , a truly outstanding organization.

Letters and Forms

Letter of Follow Up or Duplicate Order


On May 1st we ordered 100 copies of your book, “How to
Write Successful Business Letters”, but we have not yet
received an acknowledgment of that order.

As our first order may have gone astray, please consider
this a duplicate.

Letters and Forms

Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff

TO: Sales Department

Dear ( Name of Company ) Family Member:

There are two sides to the story, two sides of a coin, and
two ways to face the day.

There are always the prophets of doom and the cynics who
will be happy to lead their followers through long periods of
drought and famine.

When an unfortunate individual starts blaming his own
failures on others, and on conditions over which he has no
control, he can usually forget about achieving his goals.

There are good times and bad times, but at all times there
are sales that are made and sales that are lost.

You have all proven that you are not only capable, but excel
as salesmen. I am proud of the accomplishments of our sales
force and know that nothing can hold back the motivated
individual who has an excellent product to sell.

In the months to come, I feel confident that you will
persevere in a manner that will result in an increase in
sales and commissions to each and every one of you that will
far exceed our projections.

The outlook for the coming year is brighter than it has been
for some time. With a positive, assertive attitude, nothing
can stop us!

Letters and Forms

Letter of Default on Promissory Note


Date: _

To: _

Reference is made to a certain promissory note under date
of _, 20_, in the original amount of $_.
You have defaulted under said note in that the
installment due on _, 20_, in the amount of $_ has not been
Accordingly, demand is hereby made upon you for full
payment of the entire balance on said note in the amount of
$_, including accrued interest to date.
In the event the entire balance is not paid within the
next seven days, I shall refer this matter to an attorney
resulting in additional costs of collection.

Very truly,


Letters and Forms

Letter of Credit (Irrevocable)

Letter of Credit (Irrevocable)


Irrevocable Credit
All drafts drawn must indicate credit number.


You are hereby authorized to value on the (bank) ,
of the City of ________________, State of______________,
for any sum or sums up to the aggregate of ____________
($ ) Dollars

For the account of

Available by your drafts at (specify) day’s sight.

Drafts are to be accepted only against delivery of the
following documents:

Documents of title must be dated not later than _______,

All drafts against this credit are to be drawn and
negotiated before (date) .

We hereby agree with the drawers, endorsers, and bona fide
holders of drafts drawn in compliance with the terms of
this credit that they shall be honored on presentation.

Yours truly,

Letters and Forms

Letter of Credit (General)

(date line)


(name of bank)
(city, state, zip)


We hereby agree to accept and pay at maturity any
draft or drafts on us, at day’s sight, issued by
(name of individual) of your city, to the extent of
(amount of limit) ($ ) Dollars, and negotiated
through your bank.

Most respectfully yours,


DATED: _____________________


I hereby guarantee the due acceptance of payment of
any draft issued in pursuance of the above credit.


Letters and Forms

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate

TO: ______________________

This letter will authorize you to negotiate, discuss and in
any other way communicate with_______________in those areas
relative to________________________________________________

This letter will further authorize ___________to act in all
matters on behalf of ______________________________________

The intent of this authorization is not to be construed to
limit, in any way, the power of ______________to act in our
behalf, enter into agreements, or contract_________________
____________________________________in both financial areas
and sales areas.

Therefore, by the existence of this instrument we hereby
authorize________________to accept or reject agreements, to
enter into contracts binding upon_____________________, and
to act in whatever way necessary so as to accomplish that
which is being undertaken which may occasion the necessity
of this letter.


Letters and Forms

Letter of Appreciation to Employee


Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate your employees
has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and

If we had an award to give, you would be the prime candidate.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job you
are doing in our sales department.

Letters and Forms

Letter Notice of Rescission


I hereby rescind my agreement to purchase (item(s))
under the agreement entered between (company) and
myself on (date).

This rescission notice is being mailed to you within the
three day period provided for under Federal Law.

Letters and Forms

Letter Notice of Litigation

All of our efforts to settle the above matter amicably
have been unsuccessful. We have made numerous calls and,
to date, have not had the courtesy of a call back. We
have delayed legal proceedings up to now based on your
assurances that we would be paid in full by (date) I
am enclosing copies of your letters stating that intention.

Please be advised that you have left us no alternative but
to file suit immediately. We have attempted to be
understanding of your cash flow problems but our patience
has now reached an end.

Your account is being turned over to our attorney. While I
regret the necessity of this action I must advise you to
govern yourself accordingly.

Letters and Forms

Letter Notice of Job Opening


Our firm has an opening in our (specify) department for
a (position)

This will be a permanent position and the applicant must
have the following qualifications:

Starting salary is (amount or dependent on applicant’s
qualifications) and the working hours are from (time)
to (time) , Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your assistance. If you require any
additional information please contact (individual)

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Letters and Forms

Letter Canceling Unfilled Order


Our customer has informed us that she can wait no longer
for the merchandise we ordered from you on (date) .

We are therefore canceling our purchase order # ,
which was contingent on delivery prior to (date) .

Under the circumstances, we are certain that you will
understand the necessity of our canceling this order

Letters and Forms

Late Return Authorization


This is to acknowledge your letter of (date) , in
which you informed us that the merchandise delivered to
you on (date) was defective.

If you will read our terms and conditions for sale, you
will note that our policy provides our customers with
(time) to inspect and either accept or reject our
merchandise in regards to defects, inasmuch as we feel
this affords our customers an adequate period of time to
be assured that the merchandise is free from defects.
Since this is the first time you have made this request
of us, we will accept the return of the merchandise and
issue a credit to your account in the amount of $ .
Please (instructions for return of merchandise).

We are sorry that you experienced a problem with our
product and appreciate having your firm as one of our
valued customers.